Xuhui Zhou

NLP master at the University of Washington.

I am a CLMS student at the University of Washington (UW) advised by Noah Smith. I broadly interested in computational linguistics and natural language processing (NLP). Specifically, I work with Nikolaos Pappas on document-level language understanding and Maarten Sap on endowing NLP systems with social intelligence.

I got my bachelor degree in Statistics at Nanjing University (NJU), where I did research in NLP with Shujian Huang. Previously, I interned at Singapore University of Technology and Design and Westlake University, worked with Yue Zhang. I spent a wonderful junior year at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), where I made up my mind researching language technologies.


Oct 20, 2020 Our paper: Linguistically-Informed Transformations (LIT): A Method for Automatically Generating Contrast Sets will appear at BlackboxNLP 2020.
Oct 2, 2020 Our paper: Multilevel Text Alignment with Cross-Document Attention will appear at EMNLP 2020.
Apr 20, 2020 My undergraduate thesis: RPD: A Distance Function Between Word Embeddings get accepted by ACL SRW 2020.
Nov 22, 2019 Our paper Evaluating Commonsense in Pre-trained Language Models get accepted by AAAI 2020.